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Welcome to Studentcore

Case Competitions with a renewed focus

What is a Case Competition?

It is an exclusive opportunity for students to test their critical thinking and use their knowledge from the classroom in real life. 

The students compete in groups, for the winner’s prize by creating the most complete, innovative or creative solution to a real-life challenge provided by a company.

This is typically hosted by universities once a year. We want to connect students and companies a lot more often.

How do we do it?

We have taken the same concept, broken it down and kept the most essential parts. We focus on the core value – the connection between students and companies.

We have leaned the process and made it easier for the most engaging, creative and ambitious students to connect, network and present themselves for the biggest companies in Denmark. Our renewed concept is called Company Days.

Why apply?

At Studentcore you will have the opportunity to be challenged, get connections at the biggest organizations in Denmark and win prizes up to 30.000 DKK. Attending a Company Day will strengthen your resume and the connections can be crucial for your career.

Apply in a pre-made group or individually with your résumé(s) and a motivation letter.

… it is totally free

Striving towards a better integration of the new generation on the job market

Company Day

A full facilitated Case Competition with the main focus of connecting students and companies. 

Challenge yourself and cooperate with a competent group of students with the purpose of creating the most creative and innovative ideas and solutions to a real-life business case. 

If your group’s solution is voted as the best among the approximately 5-6 other teams, you will win a total prize of up to 20.000 DKK.

For the company

Want highly competent, motivated and creative students to work on a business case of your choosing? We specialise in assessment with the purpose of creating the best setting for you to evaluate the chosen candidates from different universities at our Company Day. Studentcore provides an easy and effective way to improve your employer brand in the student community

Present your organization, connect with inspiring people and get alternative perspectives on a business case from the brightest minds of students.

For the student

Here is your opportunity to stand out and show companies what you are worth! A Company Day will challenge your ability to make innovative, creative and well-presented solutions to a real-life business case in cooperation with other competent students.

This is your chance to show what you have got to offer in front of a highly profiled panel. A Company Day will just further decorate your resume and strengthen your connections. 

Connecting students and companies


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