About us

Striving towards a better intergration of the new generation on the job market


Studentcore is a young, independent entrepreneurial concept that is constantly improving and adapting to the needs of companies and students

Studentcore focus primarily on hosting Case Competitions with fewer groups than you usually see. We do this for multiple reasons.

First of all, we do this to put a bigger focus on the process. We see a lot of value in the actual case solving – for both the students and the companies. In this phase, the company has a chance to observe the interesting innovative processes and how the students actually work within the frames of the organization.

Secondly, it minimizes the resources required from the company and increases the chances for the individual student groups to actually win.

Thirdly, a Case Competition with fewer groups enhances the student’s chances to get noticed by the company representatives. Studentcore emphasizes the importance of assessing every student’s full potential – not just his or her grades.


We want to bridge the gap between students and companies

A Case Competiton is an equally beneficial experience for both students and companies. This is why we intend to make it as valuable as possible. 

As we see it the three core values at any case experience are the connection, branding and assessment opportunity it provides. However, we want to make sure that nobody wastes their time. Everybody’s hard work should pay off. This is why we emphasize the importance of assessment.  

We will make sure that we connect the right students with the right companies so everybody can achieve a Case Competition’s full potential. 




When you think of a Case Competition we want you to think of Studentcore

It is no secret that we like to dream big at Studentcore. Therefore, we are never selling ourselves short. If we do not believe in the project, why should you? 

For that reason, we strive towards the state where if you want to host or participate in a Case Competition, either in Denmark or abroad, you immediately think of Studentcore.

We know that this is a long way down the road. However, we are working around the clock every day to make this vision come true.