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We have now found our first partner, which will be announced shortly. The Case Competition will take place in October and we are looking very much forward to seeing you!

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A typical Studentcore Case Competition

A Case Competition will approximately take 10 hours. Studentcore will typically gather 20-28 students and combine groups of four based on your competencies and study programmes. The groups will compete against each other by creating the most innovative, creative or best solution to the business case provided by the company.

… and of course, for the prize of up to 20.000 DKK.


Firstly, you will be welcomed to the company by a Studentcore representative. We will shortly brief about the day and then the company will have an opportunity to talk about their work and if suitable give you a tour.

Company challenge

After the company’s introduction, you will be presented with the business case of the day. Then you will be busy working for about 5 hours to solve the case, come up with the best solution and make an appealing presentation.


We will make sure that your group is not working on an empty stomach, why lunch will be provided for.


Now it is your time to shine! You and your group will typically have 5-8 minutes to present your solution to the company, where you have the opportunity to showcase your creativity, personality, knowledge, and charisma. 

Selection of a winner

After every group has presented its solution, the company will have time to discuss which presentation they liked the most, based on different factors. Remember, the winning group receives a price up to 20.000 DKK!

Main judgement criteria

Your analysis

How well have you understood the company style and philosophy? 

Your solution

How well have you solved the company’s challenge?

Your presentation

How well was your presentation? Was it creative and full of charisma?

Your answers

How well was your group able to elaborate after the presentation?


At the end of the day, we will make sure that you can have a glass of wine, a well-deserved beer or a soda. Here you will have the opportunity to connect and network with the company, the other students, or us at Studentcore. Ask questions about the company or maybe ease your curiosity towards other student programmes. 

We are always open and happy to hear about feedback from the day!

Smart to think about before the actual Case Competition

Before you show up to a Case Competition with Studentcore it is always clever to come a little prepared. Research about the company, its vision and goals and maybe some key elements that concerns the main topic. Then you and your group will have a nice head start when you are given the case – you want to use the five hours as productive as possible!