Content package

Wanna spend less on recruiting and attract more qualified candidates? Let's get talking!

What will you get?
  • Strategy
  • Creative workshop
  • An eye-catching Employee video
  • Scalable content
  • Blueprint to careers page / Team profile
Tailored to your company with a severe focus on keeping the resources required by your employees as low as possible. No bullshit. See Q&A at the bottom of this page if you’re still too shy to set up a meeting. 

We are on a mission to make HR sexy again!

A failed recruitment costs in average 80.000 USD

So how can it be that most companies spend so little time and down-prioritize their most important asset – their employees? And does branding your company as a workplace has to rhyme with generic video content and text heavy careers pages and team profiles? These questions are something that we’ve pondered quite a bit about for a while which have led to our new partnership with the creative minds of AGENCY6.

The project is based on the simple idea of giving branding of workplaces a huge facelift. Our core vision is to show that you can combine the creative and the visual with a strategic approach to attracting the right employees. Because why on earth should a potential employee at your company consider applying, or even want to stay, if they know absolutely nothing about who you are or what you stand for?

That’s where we come in. We help you form the brand as an employer so candidates actually feel like they know you – before they apply!

Through a brand new approach to employee videoes and creative ideas to your careers page and team profiles we make sure that your workplace is so attractive that you not only attract more qualified candidates, but also attract people that would actually love to work with you. Cause one thing is sure – your company doesn’t appeal to everyone, which is a good thing! That just emphasizes the importance that you have to show new candidates what they can actually expect to meet at their first day on job. 

We’re overly excited to make HR sexy again!


About 4 weeks. We’ll of course tailor the process to your internal projects and timelines. Let’s grab the phone and talk about how the process can suit your needs the most with the most convenient timeline.

It will be a bit different according to your role in the process.

Stakeholders (e.g. CEO, employer branding team, recruitment, TA etc.)

  • 3,5 hours of meetings
  • 3-4 hours of workshop

The chosen department (e.g. sales, engineering, tech etc.)

  • 3-5 hours of different interviews and content filming
The actor of the day (main character for the employee video)
  • 1 full day + prep.

So mainly, we’ll do all the work and tell the authentic story of your employees to paint the most accurate picture to a new potential candidate.


It depends on the objectives, scope of work, activities, deliverables and timeline. But you can be quick! We’re kick-starting the process with three exclusive case studies that we’ll hand out to a fraction of the market price!

Creative minds. Creative work. Take a look for yourself!

Simply click below or go to our contact page! We’ll look forward to having a chat.