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Studentcore Case Competition

Studentcore Case Competition is the day where students have the possibility to experience, connect and work at and with a company. The solutions created at our Studentcore Case Competitions belong to Studentcore and not the students.

Information about how we handle your personal info

Thank you for selecting Studentcore. 

By confirming this agreement you allow Studentcore to process your personal info in according to what is written below. By participating in a Studentcore Case Competition you accept the terms written below

Which informations do we gather?

By confirming this agreement, you allow Studentcore to process the personal info you provided in the subscription bar in agreement with the indications below. All applications and other information gathered will also be processed and handled as written below.

The purpose of the personal information


To identify you as a candidate for our Company Days.


To communicate with you and deliver relevant information about Studentcore and our Company Days.


To effectively see your experience and to pair you with relevant companies.

Linkedin profile

To get a better picture of your experience and to pair you with relevant companies.

Study programme

& your semester

To place you in a category so we can contact you about relevant Company Days where your qualifications are needed.


To connect you with companies in or around your city. We mainly target students who are geographically close to the given company.


To categorize students after university and to inform the given company which university the student is currently studying at. 


To clarify in which language we will communicate with the student.

Why and how do we use these information?

The information will be used for the following:

  • Contact you for relevant Case Competitions
  • To categorize you after your study programme
  • Inform you about upcoming events 
  • To showcase you as a candidate for our Case Companies


By participating in a Studentcore Case Competition you accept that Studentcore can produce content (video, picture etc.) where you may, or may not, appear. Studentcore can use video footage and pictures taken at our Case Competitions or in occasions related to the Case Competition where you may, or may not, appear. This can either be before or after the actual day of the Case Competition. This content can be transferred to and used by clients of Studentcore and third party. Through agreements, Studentcore have secured that our clients will handle this content and personal information according to GDPR. Furthermore Studentcore will be using video and picture footage for marketing purposes on our platform(s) and social media. 

Who do we share these informations with?

By agreeing to the Terms and policy conditions you accept that we might share your information with third-party. Furthermore we use Convertful and Mailchimp to process your personal data. They store your personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the European parliaments regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection and processing of personal data.

  • We can share your personal information with companies if they want to get connected with you.

  • We can share the given information such as résumé and motivational letter with third party.

  • We can share content (pictures, video etc.) where you may, or may not, appear with third party.

  • We can share the solutions created at our Studentcore Case Competitions with our partners.

  • We can share your personal data with third party for marketing purposes.

  • Your personal information can be given according to the law, for example, the discrimination law or the data inspection.

How do we store your information?

Your information will be stored in Google Drive and spreadsheets. All of your information will be categorised so that we will have all of your data in the same place. In that way you will always have the rights to have your information deleted form our data base. 

Your rights

You have the right to request correction according to your personal information. You will always have the rights to cancel your subscription and we will delete your personal data from our database. However this does not give you the rights to have any video or picture content removed or deleted from our platform(s) and/or social media. 

Student identification by student card

When a student is chosen to a Case Competition we may ask for a student card to identify that the student in fact is studying at a university. Furthermore the student can be asked to show the student card for us to confirm that the given information about study programme, university etc. are correct.

Regarding the company

Studentcore will never use your name or brand in any form of marketing or other publicity purposes without a written agreement with you. Furthermore, we will host our Case Competition at your facilities in cooperation with you. 

Contact information


CVR – 42202339

Email: contact@studentcore.dk

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the terms and agreements.  I give my consent that Studentcore handles personal information & data according to the above.