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Your benefits at Studentcore

Networking with companies

Meet many different companies in a short, but intense way. This will grant you a unique way of connecting with companies in markets that inspire you. It might secure your future job if you do well and impress the panel with your engagement, motivation and creativity.

Money talks

It is totally free to be a part of Studentcore. You just have to get through our pre-selection which is made to pick out the most motivated, ambitious and relevant students to connect with some of the biggest companies in Denmark. If you are selected to a Studentcore Case Competition, you will have the opportunity to win prizes of 20.000 DKK!

Challenge yourself

Do you want to improve your case solving skills and your ability to think creatively and solution-oriented while working on a real-life business case? By being a member of the Studentcore community you will have a unique opportunity to challenge yourself and impress a variety of companies at one or several of our many Case Competitions.


You can participate in our Case Competitions whether you have a student job or are free as a bird and searching for new and exciting things to do. The Studentcore community gives you the flexibility of choosing when to participate and which companies you would like to connect with. If your qualifications and study programme meet the company's requirements, you will be selected!

Help us help you!

The bigger our community gets, the better opportunities we can provide for you. Therefore we need you to follow us on Instagram. 

You are the foundation of Studentcore

As our Instagram and community grows, your possibilities to meet new and exciting companies grow!